Our Practice

South Miami Chiropractic has been designed as a State of the Art family practice where you can find the comfort of personalized care.  We strive for offering a peaceful environment and top notch customer service always conducive to an effective rehabilitating chiropractic treatment. We offer Spinal Decompression, Massage Therapy, mechanical traction, electric stimulation, vibrational power plate therapy, cold laser therapy and Digital X-Rays as part of our services. The combination of Chiropractic care along with these treatments and diagnostic tools are helpful in determining the proper course of care in each individual. Our Doctor and Staff speak English and Spanish. Dr. Guadagno is also fluent in conversational Italian.

Dr. Paul L. Guadagno, D.C.

Car Accident Doctor in Miami FloridaDr. Guadagno was born and raised in Miami, FL. During his middle school and high school years he was a wrestling champion taking first place in Districts and Regionals and won First Place in the Orange Bowl National Tournament. He was also recruited by Columbus High School to join their winning team. His years of dedication to the sport earned him very prestigious scholarships at various Universities around the country. He was an Olympic hopeful. Dr. Guadagno started out his chiropractic career after injuring his back at a National Wrestling tournament. His injury was so severe he was unable to walk. After treatment with traditional medicine, with no avail, he decided to try Chiropractic. Amazingly, after just a few adjustments, he was back on his feet and felt better than ever. Since then, he always has had a love for Chiropractic, and he was so inspired that he became one himself. Dr. Guadagno started out his career at Palmer Chiropractic, Iowa (the Fountain Head of Chiropractic). Then went on to graduate in 1999 from Life University in Georgia (the largest Chiropractic School in the World). He has founded some of the largest chiropractic offices and has treated thousands of patients with quality chiropractic care through the years. Dr. Guadagno has also been a Chiropractic Consultant to many successful Doctors in Michigan, Georgia and Florida. His passion is Family Care, treating pregnant women, children since birth as well as adults and athletes. He always strives for excellence in patient care and to provide all of his patients with a safe, caring and loving environment that promotes healing. He now has over 14 years of experience and dedication to the Chiropractic Profession. He is married to Liseth and has four beautiful children, Christian, Mikella, Giulianna and Gianni.


Dr. Guadagno is proficient in:  Full spine diversified, Thompson technique, S.O.T., Gonstead, Activator, Toggle, Upper Cervical, Spinal Decompression, Fitness, Nutrition, Diet & Exercise programs.

Dr. Kevin Reiseck, D.C.

Dr. Kevin Reiseck, D.C South Miami ChiropracticDr. Kevin’s is a graduate of Life Chiropractic University in Marietta, GA.His passion and focus over the last twenty years in practice, has been getting patients out of pain and back into life! Nothing is more sad than seeing a patient who has lost the ability to exercise, work, or perform normal everyday activities of daily living due to an injury of the Spine or extremities.  Worse is the fact that they suddenly have to depend on family and friends to support them when they were once perfectly healthy and independent. He Loves taking on these difficult cases and seeing the patient go through the process of true structural healing.  Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a patient get relief and have their health restored, and most of all seeing them regain their independence once again.


Dr. Reiseic is proficient in Full Spine Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Graston, Functional Medicine and Acupuncture.

Dr. Kyle Roberts, D.C.

Dr. Kyle Roberts, D.C. South Miami ChiropracticDr. Kyle Roberts DC, is a graduate of Life University (East) and a Florida Board Certified Chiropractic Physician.

Anybody that knows him knows how much does he love puzzles. The most natural puzzle for him is the human body and the understanding of how it works. He loves using his hands to helping people through their health issues. Chiropractic was the obvious choice as a career for him.

Starting from a very young age, he always enjoyed helping others and serving his community.  Being hyper and physically advanced, he excelled in sports relatively quickly. He grew up snow skiing, swimming, running track, playing soccer and of course American football.  His brother has been a Fire Fighter for over 15 years in the city of Seattle. Both of his parents are educators.  His mother has her Ph.D. in Education and his father coached in the NFL for over 19 years.

Dr. Kyle earned a high school scholarship, played football and ran track while graduating with honors.  He also earned a Division I Football scholarship to the University of Washington and played from 1993-1998.

Dr. Kyle personally enjoy family, sports, competition and education which has also permeated his approach to Chiropractic.  He loves treating families, athletes. His motivations is to help patients understanding what Chiropractic can do for them through constant communication and Doctor/Patient education.


Dr. Roberts is proficient in Full Spine Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Biometric Integration, Drop Work, Sports and Websters.